By Patrick F. Cannon

The New Year is upon us. What we do in the next 12 months may well alter the course of human events for all time to come, or at least for a day or two. As it is customary for delusional people like me to make resolutions, I offer these. Please feel free to adopt some or all for yourself; no royalties will be charged. Some depend on the resolve of others, for which I have usually hoped in vain.

As politicians at all levels continue to fail us, I am going to ignore them as much as possible. I will only get involved when I have an opportunity to sign petitions limiting their terms of office or taking away from them the power to gerrymander electoral districts to insure their reelections.

For the first time, I am unable to hope that the Chicago Cubs will finally win the World Series. Cubs fans may not know this, but the Chicago White Sox won this event in 2005. Now, we can dream that the two teams, joined as they are by the El’s Red Line, will soon meet in a “subway series.” I dare not imagine this will happen in 2017, but a recent trade gives hope that the Sox may only be a couple of years away from contending. Let us hope that their rise isn’t matched by an inevitable Cubs decline.

Staying in sports, we can dream that the McCaskey family will finally sell the Bears, thus giving hope that a new owner might emulate what the Ricketts family has done for the Cubs. The McCaskey clan seems only interested in providing a place of employment for otherwise unemployable members of their own family. I urge them to take the money and run before their fans get the jump on them.

I resolve to keep reminding my fellow citizens that facts are pesky things and often contradict their most cherished beliefs, to whit:

  • Government intervention can reverse the tides of history and return manufacturing jobs to America. Most of the lost jobs are now done by computer-driven machines. They cannot come back because they no longer exist. Be wary of politicians who tell you otherwise.[1]
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) will destroy life as we know it. Many so-called “environmentalists” peddle this nonsense despite numerous studies that have proven that they are not only safe, but many will reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and weed killers. Avoid buying products that pander to ignorance by advertising their products as “GMO Free.”
  • Illegal immigrants are flooding over the borders and stealing jobs from the natives. Actually, the number of illegals has stabilized in recent years, with the number from Mexico actually declining. The percentage in the work force is about 8 percent, down from the peak of 8.3 percent in 2008. By far, the highest percentages of illegals are in agricultural related jobs, mostly the kind of stoop labor Americans refuse to do.

Finally, I resolve to think as little about Donald Trump as is feasible. He is an ignorant vulgarian and will try to haunt my every dream. I am further resolved to let the other branches of government do what they were designed to do and hope for the best.

Copyright 2016, Patrick F. Cannon

[1] This is my first footnote, and therefore historic. When you see one, if you’re already bored, you may safely ignore it. In this case, I would just add that during the election both candidates railed against the trade agreements that have reduced abject poverty around the world. They claimed they wanted to “save” American jobs. The classic case of doing such is the Smoot Hawley tariff of 1930. It drastically raised tariffs on foreign goods, which caused other countries to raise their own tariffs on ours. The unemployment rate in 1930 was 8.7 percent, in 1931, 15.9 percent and by 1933, 24.9 percent. What do they say about history repeating itself?

6 thoughts on “Resolve

  1. Totally agree – actually I can’t remember the last time I made a New Year’s resolution and this year won’t be any different. I also agree about Trump – He makes me sick and I kind of think he’s going to get us into a war somewhere with someone. It just goes to show that money can buy anything – even the Presidency.


  2. Ah the inevitable new year’s resolutions. Yours are early. Mine have mostly been mumbled the morning after New Year’s Eve.

    If only schools would teach economic fundamentals there might be less utter confusion about trade. Nobody remembers Smoot-Hayley or the havoc it wrought. How could they if so busy wringing hands over the demise of minor actresses and such. Let Mexico, China and others send us fine goods and products in exchange for green pieces of paper. It increases everyone’s buying power. We might even be able to buy Cubs tickets. And without illegals, who in Chicago could afford to have a lawn service?

    Let us resolve to be careful of what we wish for!


      1. A good start would be Milton Friedman’s series “Free to Choose,” which remarkably used to run on PBS. Also, on YouTube,some outfit called LibertyPen has fashioned a debate between Friedman and the imbecile Trump on trade and tariffs. Our problem with China isn’t trade, it’s the US government running up huge debt, essentially borrowing our own money, to finance unneeded and wasteful programs that ultimately we get the bill for.

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  3. I’m with you on politics! Interesting statistics on trade agreements. Not a resolution, but my hope is that good will come out of seeming negativity.


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