The Bogeyman is Coming

The Bogeyman is Coming 

By Patrick F. Cannon

People who know me are familiar with one of my favorite sayings: “It’s an ill wind that blows no good.” While I think Donald Trump’s election was regrettable, the fear it engendered has at least had some positive effect on some sectors of the economy.

When I visited my son in Florida recently, he told me a very sad story. A daughter of a friend of his is an actress, married to an actor who is having a run of good luck, i.e., he has a recurring role in a successful television series. Since acting is a precarious profession at best, this run of good fortune should have had them over the moon. But no, she was so horrified by Trump’s victory that she has had to double her weekly visits to the therapist to four. Only by seeking these hours of expensive bucking up is she able to face the day.

I should have thought that Los Angeles area therapists of all kinds were already at full stretch caring for the tender egos of the entertainment industry. Perhaps you watched the Academy Awards – almost every presenter and recipient seemed obsessed with the election. Their therapists no doubt clapped their hands in glee as they saw the palpable fear emanating from the stage.

The other industry seeing a bump is a bit less obvious. Most folks are unaware that there is an industry dedicated to survival. They provide products and services for those who might be or feel threatened by natural disasters – a legitimate concern in some areas – and those who fear that the government is somehow out to get them. The industry gained some momentum when President Obama was elected. As you may recall, there was widespread fear that he was going to send his minions around the county to confiscate the fire arms of law abiding citizens. It didn’t happen, of course, and Obama is safely gone.

As it happens, one of the companies in this business, Day One Gear, is located in Forest Park, IL, where I live; indeed, the owners live just down the block. They drive (of course) three off road vehicles. Among their license plates are those that read “Day One” and “Bug Out.” No doubt they were among the exhibitors at a recent trade show for survivalists held at a Chicago area fair grounds. A few were interviewed for a story in the Chicago Tribune and commented that they were starting to see liberals appearing at the show for the first time. As fear of Obama recedes, the tides have rolled in with Trump. As I said, it’s an ill wind.

Let’s see how President Trump has succeeded in imposing his totalitarian will upon the country. His ban on immigration from certain countries has been tied up in the courts for weeks. His second executive order may in fact be upheld eventually because he seems to have the authority under existing law. (The “Rule of Law” apparently only applies when you agree with it, an attitude that both the former and current presidents share.). Just a few days ago, the new health care law meant to replace the hated Obama Care failed in the House of Representatives. To his credit, President Trump spread the blame for this – first blaming the Democrats and then the Republicans.

Although he rails against “fake news,” he has yet to shut down the New York Times, or jail any of its reporters, much less have them murdered as his buddy Vladimir Putin is so fond of doing. He is, of course, rolling back regulations on the environment and other areas, but his should come as no surprise, since the Republican Party has been advocating this for years. Since voters around the country have given them the presidency and control of both houses of Congress, you can expect more of the same.


Copyright 2017, Patrick F. Cannon



6 thoughts on “The Bogeyman is Coming

  1. Another great post. Although I don’t follow politics at all.
    Another idea for a futre post – the old time cowboys. I have Amazon prime and as you may know I don’t have cable anymore so I stream. I recently discovered I have access to You Tube on my streaming device and found ROY ROGERS and of course, Trigger that magnificent Palomino of his. I remember the Roy Rogers show but I don’t think I ever saw all the episodes since we didn’t get a tb until I was 5 or 6 and by that time, his show was probably in its 2 or 3rd season. Anyway I’ve been wtching his movies, which I never saw before and it is so much fun to watch. Bullet was actually in a couple of his movies but always Trigger. Dale was also in some of his movies but not all. I think the kids of today are really missing out on a role model, because he and Dale were certainly that. I also have access to Gene Autry and a bunch of other old time cowboys but haven’t watched any of them yet since I have yet to finish all of the Roy movies and shows. Really fun watch unless they film at night and you can’t see a darn thing. Why would they film at night for a black and white western is beyond me.
    Keep those blogs a coming and May the Good Lord take a lIking to ya … Happy Trails!

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  2. I always like Roy better but Champion was a great horse too. Can you tell I like horses yet? Still watch Secretariat but not as much maybe once a week, when I want a change from Roy. I don’t remember going to the movies when I was that young. The first movie I remember my parents taking me to was some creepy movie about giant ANTS or maybe it was SPIDERS had nightmares for a long time after that.


    1. My sister took us to see a double feature of “The Mummy Walks” and “Wolfman” when my brother and I were probably 5 and 6. It’s the first time I can remember being afraid to go to sleep!



  3. Anyone who follows politics would be entirely justified if he slept with the lights on, had double deadlock bolts on his doors, kept a secret bank account in Zurich, and had enough cans of Spaghetti O’s in his bomb shelter to sustain the lower depths of Calcutta in nourishment for months.

    There are days when I’m unsure who will next give me the heebie-jeebies: The great, tweeting, orange-crested menace; the specter of a disembodied Hillary, sans Hollywood makeup, haunting her disconsolate supporters; the wild-eyed Elizabeth Warpath, nee Herring, wagging her hatchet at misbehaving bankers; the dour and craven Schumer leering over half-lenses with schemes of legalistic agony; or any among the legions of Big Cheese wannabes waiting off stage for their chance at the spotlight.

    Maybe only the sainted Pence, who dances with his wife, brings a glimmer of optimism to the general gloom. And Benjamin Franklin, who assures us, “Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, and which incorporates itself with the grapes, to be changed into wine; a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.”

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